INVESLAN is a private organization specialized in social research in the fields of employment, professional training and adult education, ITCs application to learning environments and management, knowledge management and social-labour inclusion. Our experience in Social Research Studies includes analytical and prospective studies about collectives with special difficulties in accessing labour market, descriptive and assessment studies about training and employment for specific collectives and geographical areas, or studies on the development of educational methodologies, programmes and materials, among others. We are actively involved in international projects since 2002.

Currently INVESLAN is particularly focused on innovative training methodologies, new learning environments and content combining the use of ICTs with a lifelong learning approach.


Jaione Santos,
ES – Lutxana 6, 4º dpto A, 48008 Bilbao, Biscay



IBAF gGmbH is the big vocational training and further education institute in the North of Germany and has been an acknowledged educational institution of the social and health sectors for over 20 years. Various innovative learning opportunities in the field of vocational education focus up-to-date societal developments.

Beside highly qualitative professional trainings in the institute itself many online and in-house training courses are conducted. Moreover, IBAF runs schools that qualify e. g. people in elderly care, special needs education, and speech-and-language-pathology. It also has a unique position within Europe with its vocational school for hearing impaired and deaf persons in Rendsburg.

The department ’project and innovation’ as a kind of project factory organizes regional, national and European projects.


Antje Knossalla,
IBAF gGmbH, Theodor-Heuss-Ring 56, 24113 Kiel, Germany



Maristak Ikastetxea, located in Durango (Spain), is both a Trade school and a Baccalaureate School which also offers a diverse schedule of training programs for employment.

The groundwork in Maristak Ikastetxea over the last two years has primarily been focused on technological innovation in higher education and innovative teaching and learning methodologies in order to develop and improve the most frequently demanded hard and soft skills on today’s European market.

Maristak Ikastetxea fosters the development of national and European projects to help students become empowered with the abilities they need to become happy as well as successful adults and professionals.

Xabier Ametzazurra,
Xabier Arkarazo,
Juan Antonio Abasolo 6, 48200  – Durango (Bizkaia)



Lifelong Learning Centre level 2 (LLC) “Epimorfotiki Kilkis single member llc” (Epimorfotiki) was founded in 1995 and specializes on modern Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning (LLL), as well as in advanced Consultative & Supportive Services, including active involvement in EU programmes and Initiatives. The LLC aims at continually promoting sustainable development of Kilkis Province, the business activity and the development of local human resources.

The LLC employs 11 highly educated persons (4 men and 7 women) with long experience and profound knowledge in the field of Vocational Training, LLL and Consultancy and EU programmes and Initiatives. In addition to the permanent staff, Epimorfotiki has also developed a wide network of collaborators, which includes a Quality Consultant, VET trainers, Counsels of Vocational Orientation and Human Resources, Counsels of Continuous Local Development, ICT, etc.

Nicolas Georgiadis,
GR – Doiranis 56, 61100, Kilkis



Learnmera Oy is a private adult education provider, providing business language lessons in the major Nordic and European languages mainly to companies in the Helsinki area. Learnmera Oy has considerable experience in educational resource, website creation and app content building, as well as online vocational courses (Health care Swedish Their website ( has a member base of over 27,000 teachers worldwide who use their tools and materials. They offer translations and editing services for companies, and expertise includes phone apps for Android and iPhone/iPad and creating web portals, e.g. the tool for Info4migrants project and The Language Menu. They have vast experience in dissemination within social media integrating 10+ social media for EU projects. The staff has worked on a dozen EU projects as well as domestic projects in Finland.

Veronica Gelfgren,
P. O. Box 359, 00101 Helsinki, Finland

College logo

Glasgow Clyde College

Glasgow Clyde College is a further and higher education college, located in the Scottish city of Glasgow and is Glasgow’s most welcoming, ambitious and innovative college.

Glasgow Clyde College is a multi-campus college with three sites in Anniesland, Cardonald and Langside and is one of Scotland’s largest further education institutions,

Home to over 7,000 full-time students and 20,000 part-time students, our aim is to help you achieve more.

Glasgow has the highest level of deprivation in Scotland, and there is also a high level of the adult population with low levels of qualification.

The college works in close partnership with a wide range of external strategic partners. It delivers a large number of school-college partnership programmes across the three local authorities.

Glasgow Clyde College is committed to working closely and maintaining links with a number of European partners through the development and delivery of various project within the new Erasmus Plus programme.

The projects support many of the EU Commission and Scottish Government Strategic Priorities supporting people back into education or employment and giving students credit when studying abroad.

Morag Robertson,
Glasgow Clyde College, 690 Mosspark Drive, Glasgow, G52 3AY, 0141 272 9000